Government Contractors


Who we are…

Benefit Source, Inc. has been servicing insurance needs since the mid 80’s.  Robert P. Harling, Agency Principal and President of Benefit Source, Inc. began as a life and health agent for group voluntary and specialized health products.

BSI Agency consults, designs, and implements specialized benefits packages for those businesses that do not fit in regular health, 401K, and traditional benefit plans—worldwide.  BSI is an experienced source for niche markets and works with Government Contractors that perform SCA, Davis Bacon, ATSA ,and state prevailing wage work.  BSI maintains a team to implement and service all products.  We handle our clients from implementation through the life of the plan.

In 2006 BSI formed a Third Party Administration company call Specialized Contract Administrators.  This TPA was formed so that BSI can relieve our client’s workload.  SCA can handle billing, claims, enrollment, hour banking, compliance, COBRA, worker’s compensation, and more for our clients. SCA was formed because the unique needs of Service Contract Act employers were not able to be met by other TPA’s.  We created our system to make everything hourly based and have been met with phenomenal success. SCA will handle all billing and reconciliation for ABC. All SCA needs is an hour’s report and premium we do the rest!

BSI and SCA use fully insured products that meet the unique needs of the Service Contract Act.  We can offer a wide range of products and services.  BSI/SCA will evaluate the needs of ABC and implement a program that meets the needs of its employees.  Our plans are all Bonafide and require minimal amount of administration from ABC.