Discover the Benefits of Nurse Case Management

Our in house Nurse Case Management services help people across the nation recover from injuries in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible. Through the early intervention of our Registered Nurses, we identify potential problems and assemble the most effective cost containment measures for the full duration of treatment, minimizing both expense and lost time.

Whether you are looking for telephonic or on-site Nurse Case Management services, contact our experts today to get started.

Telephonic Nurse Case Management Services

  • Greatest impact if used at time of first report of injury

  • Includes three-point contact with employer, injured worker, and physician

  • Assures that the medical treatment plan is developed by most appropriate medical specialist

  • Provides early identification of return-to-work alternatives

On-Site Nurse Case Management Services

  • Closely monitors ongoing treatment plan for effectiveness, cost and compliance with face to face contact

  • Confirms appropriate medical treatment

  • Provides early identification of return-to-work alternatives

  • Results in reduction of medical and lost time costs

Vocational Rehabilitation

Our Vocational Counselors are experts at determining employability status, wage earning capacity, and completing labor market surveys for our customers’ injured parties. With multiple years of experience, our certified counselors complement our nurse case management services by getting claims files back on track. We provide options for return-to-work, settlements or file closures.

Market Surveys

Our extensive database of information and dedicated nurse case management team can adequately and quickly complete market surveys to ascertain costs for a variety of services offered nationwide.

Medical Cost Projections

Assistance in setting a reserve for upcoming treatment, medication, and equipment is a beneficial tool for many of our customers. A comprehensive analysis of medical is reviewed to provide a medically accurate determination of the injury, determining future care and providing a true future value of the necessary treatment.

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