Safety Tailored to Your Business’ Individual Needs

Rizikon, a fellow member of the FDI Group of companies, is our risk management, and safety services provider. Our combined team of professionals offer cost effective compliance and loss prevention services. Rizikon’s team of experts help our clients reduce the frequency of incidents, minimize the costs associated with employee injury and diminish the impact on the organizations operations as a result.

What differentiates our risk management services from other companies across the US is the depth of internal resources our experts have to assist our clients in the successful management of their programs. Rizikon brings an unparalleled level of expertise to safety and compliance consulting.

How can you inquire or request risk management, safety and loss prevention services – simply contact your SCA representative.

Assessments & Audits

The Risk, Environment, Safety and Health Audit Protocol (REHSAPE) is designed to evaluate EH&S management systems. RESHAPE evaluates a location’s ability to prevent injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents, comply with governmental EH&S regulations and control costs. RESHAPE is based on standards and guidelines most often found in world-class programs.

Consulting & Services

Rizikon has safety professionals on staff with significant consulting experience. We offer the client a formal structure to understand and respond to operational uncertainties and opportunities with relevant risk insight delivered through identification, analysis and management disciplines.

Education & Training

Rizikon offers a comprehensive catalog of health and safety training courses. Our goal is to provide effective and consistent education programs that assist our clients in the reduction of safety incidents, achieve and maintain regulatory-based training compliance, and support a positive safety culture.

Onsite Operations

There has been a significant shift in the Safety Industry. Professional safety consulting is being sought on an as-needed basis through a third party versus organizations choosing to hire a full time in house safety professional.

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