The Rizikon Risk, Environment, Safety and Health Audit Protocol (RESHAPE) is designed to evaluate EH&S management systems. The RESHAPE evaluates a location’s ability to prevent injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents, comply with governmental EH&S regulations and control costs. RESHAPE is based on standards and guidelines most often found in world-class programs.

The lack of quantifiable knowledge and data can adversely impact business continuity as well as the health and well-being of employees. By conducting an assessment, organizations can be assured that established health and safety procedures exist and are properly followed. It is an approach that makes good business sense.

Regulatory & Compliance Assessment

Our Regulatory & Compliance team leverages deep knowledge of industry-specific regulations with tools, and methodologies to design, assess, and transform the processes, controls, and infrastructure needed to mitigate risk and stay in compliance. Our capabilities include designing the target, assessing policies and procedures, testing and monitoring and in some instances managing compliance activities as, well as building the analytics and reporting structures to allow for ongoing measurement and analysis.

Organizational EH&S Internal Audits

Our globally certified audit professionals help our clients assess and transform their business functions to world-class levels. We work closely with clients in a wide range of industries, assisting them with assessing their risk profile; detecting and mitigating those risks to assist in the execution of their corporate strategies; keeping abreast of leading practices and emerging trends; and benchmarking data. Rizikon professionals can either develop a protocol specifically designed for the client or use our trademark RESHAPE protocol.

Safety Assessment: Culture & Strategies

If you want managers and employees to be excited and accountable for safety, and to better integrate safety with the way your business runs, Rizikon can assist with proven, cost-effective methods. Our approach helps leaders identify systemic issues and develop a custom approach to the organization’s challenges.

Our professionals will come on site for three to four days, reviewing processes, procedures and data and interviewing key personnel. Safety surveys or focus groups are commonly used to help determine the current safety culture, areas of strength and those of concern.

Rizikon will analyze the information and develop strategies for clients to consider moving forward. As part of the evaluation process, we will address traditional safety issues of compliance, auditing, staffing and risk reduction, as well as directly correlate safety to organizations operational needs.

We prepare a report for leadership’s review and consideration of next steps. Rizikon is not a service provider but rather a partner who shares your goal of providing a safe productive work environment whereby the needs of the organization, the people and the community are best served.

Implementing a Culture of Safety

Our program will help improve the intrinsic motivation for healthy and safe work across all layers of your organization. The behavior based safety program is unique because it strengthens employee and management awareness at the same time, enabling acceleration in improving Health & Safety performance indicators. The goal being the establishment of a “Culture of Safety” and having the systems for long term sustainability.

  • Customized approach for your organization

  • Reduction of incident probability

  • Positive “We Care” outlook within workplace as well as community they serve

  • Cost reduction

  • Positive atmosphere

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