There has been a significant shift in the Safety Industry. Professional safety services are being sought on an as-needed basis through a third party versus organizations choosing to hire a full time in house safety professional.

On the surface, it would appear the primary reasoning behind such a decision is cost reduction. An organizations ability to not incur the costs associated with a full time employee to include ongoing skills training, salary, healthcare benefits, retirement program offerings, personal time off costs, etc.

However, in reviewing the trend deeper, we find that organizations seek to reap the benefits of having access to the cumulative knowledge and capabilities of an entire organization versus the benefits gained by hiring an individual employee.

Professional Contract Staffing

Rizikon provides professional environmental, health and safety staff on a contract basis. Our staff have significant technical and project management experience, many having previously held senior staff positions. By providing experienced EHS personnel, Rizikon has the where-with-all to hit the ground running, avoiding costs of training and minimizing organizational risks associated with inexperience staff.

Resource Planning and Load Leveling

Rizikon provides staffing to address short term resource needs, such as facility start-ups or for special one-time projects. In some cases, specific certifications may be required, such as a professional engineer (PE), certified hazardous material manager (CHMM), qualified environmental professional (QEP), certified safety professional (CSP), certified industrial hygienist (CIH), Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS), or a Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP). SCA has the right person with the right experience for the task.

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